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Each of the eight venues will have one or more preliminary rounds, a Semi Finals, and at least one Finals. All finals of the New Jersey Break Contest will be held at the Encore Event Center, in Freehold, NJ. Your performances will be judged and critiqued by a panel of industry professionals.

Each band will be assigned a specific load in time about one week prior to the performance date. This load in time will roughly be 2 and half hours before your scheduled set time. You MUST report to the venue at your specified time. Failure to arrive by your specified load in time may result in the artist's set time getting cut short or disqualification. A Break Contest / Linc Star representative will be in contact with you to answer any questions you may have.

Bands will receive their set time no later to one week prior to their show. Each competing band will have 20 minutes to perform with a 10 minute set change. PLEASE NOTE: However many songs you're doing in your 20 minute set, the third song MUST be a cover song! You will only be judged on your first three songs, even if you manage to do four or more during your 20 allotted minutes. Set times will be given out at random and cannot be changed or negotiated without advance approval. Artists should prepare for their allotted time and not go over. There are no sound checks or line checks for any bands. Any artist caught going over the allotted time may result in disqualification or having their prepared set cut short. All bands should be ready for their set, no less than 30 minutes before they are scheduled to play. In the event a band is not prepared, time will be deducted from the scheduled set. In the event of technical difficulties, caused by venue equipment, no time will be deducted. Please arrive at your respective venue 2 and half hours prior to your set time to settle tickets and also meet the venue's stage manager. All tickets MUST be settled before your band takes the stage. Due to (possible) cancellations, all bands are subject to perform earlier than scheduled. Please tell your friends, families, and fans to arrive AT LEAST AN HOUR EARLY in case unforeseen circumstances require your set time to be moved up due to, but not limited to band cancellation or emergency.

Each band will be given 50-75 tickets each to sell. To qualify to move on to the next round, each band must have a minimum of 40 tickets sold. All artists will sell tickets at $12.00 in advance. ($15 in Long Island) Tickets will also be available online at www.thebreakcontest.com and day of show at the door for $15.00. Each band that sells over 40 tickets will receive $1.00 per ticket as compensation. (75-99 sold get $2, 100 and above get $3) Bands that do not meet the minimum may be disqualified at the discretion of the on site The Break Contest / Linc Star representative.
PLEASE NOTE: All unsold tickets MUST be returned by the performance date or the band will be held responsible for missing tickets! Selling tickets on or near the premises of any Break Contest, whether performing or not, is prohibited and can result in disqualification.

Each round will be scored by a panel judges on a scale of 1 – 10 in the following categories:
Performance………… ……………….....30% (Judged)
Talent/Songwriting/ Creativity……… 30% (Judged)
Social Media/ Promotions……………. 20% (Judged)
Ballots……………………………………...20% (Tallied)
Winners will be announced the following Monday at 6pm at TheBreakContest.com

A backline will be provided which includes basic Guitar and Bass cabinets, (Guitarists must bring their own guitar or bass heads), and basic Drum set (Drummers must bring their own snare, cymbals, seat, and kick pedal). Each venue will provide a full sound system, microphones, and house lights. There will be no outside fog/smoke machines, drum kits, cabinets, extra lights, or intro music. If you have any other items, such as Keyboard, DJ equipment, etc., please clear it with your The Break Contest ®/ Linc Star representative prior to your show date. **PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO lights or scrims allowed on stage.**

Promotion: The Break Contest ® is the Official Skate And Surf Festival Battle of the Bands. This is the only way local bands will be considered for the Skate And Surf Festival. All participating bands will receive "You're In" passes, which will offer free entry to all Break Contest competitions. Bands will be allowed to attend all Break Contest events with their "You're In" pass to promote themselves and their Break Contest performances. Please bring your "You're In" Pass that is given to you, to all competitions as you will not be given another. All bands must display the Break Contest Logo, link, and participating dates on the main page of their website, Facebook, Reverb Nation, Twitter, etc. Failure to do so can result in disqualification.

All Break Contest ® bands must agree NOT to perform within 35 miles of the venue for a time period of 22 days prior and after each Break Contest performance. Certain exceptions may occur with written permission from The Break Contest ®/ Linc Star. Radius clauses are important for the success of the contest and should be followed. We are open to discussion with all bands about any conflicting schedules but please reach out to us with ample notice. Failure to comply may result in disqualification.

Any band caught fighting, excessively cursing, cheating, or taking part in any illegal activity will be disqualified and subject to legal ramification. The Break Contest / Linc Star reserves the right to disqualify any band for behavior unfitting for the event. All bands must abide by the venue rules while on the premises. These showcases are open to all ages and are a family oriented event, please be respectful and keep this in mind with the song choice and any banter between songs.

The Break Contest ®/ Linc Star reserves the right to record artist performances, audio and video, for live streaming, archival, and future promotional use. No commercial sale of artist's recordings are permitted or intended to any third parties. In the event The Break Contest/ Linc Star would use such recordings for commercial release, then all parties must negotiate with the Artist in advance for such use.

All artists agree to not bring any sponsors or sponsorship materials on site unless they have received written authorization from The Break Contest/ Linc Star.

The Break Contest/ Linc Star reserves the right to use any artists' imaging or music in all event merchandise and promotion. Artist images will all be equal in size. All Break Contest sponsors will be able to use Artist's name and likeness in all Break Contest promotions and on their websites.

All Break Contest applications are subject to review. The Break Contest reserves the right to deny entry to any artist with notification. All entrants give the Break Contest the permission to use their music, logo, and likeness for promotional purposes only. The number of slots available for The Skate And Surf Festival is tentative and is subject to change.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Dennis from The Break Contest / Linc Star at (732) 578-8493 or punchdennis@thebreakcontest.com